Roundtables in Bulgaria, Greece, Germany and Italy

4 Round-tables were organized by partners in Sofia, Athens, Rome and Stuttgart, at which attended representatives of anti-trafficking governmental agencies, labor authorities, federations of enterprises from various business sectors, lawyers, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, judges, non-governmental organizations. The aim of these national events consisted in discussing in an interactive manner the strategy for improving cooperation between anti-trafficking institutions and economic sectors for a better fight against human trafficking, the demand & supply for services which are the result of victims’ exploitation. The events had an interactive approach with constructive conversations and promising practical synergies.

Roundtable Sofia 21 March 2019. The event was organized by Center for the Study of Democracy

D2.6. Agenda Roundtable Bulgaria

Roundtable Athens 21 March 2019. The event was organized by Centre for European Constitutional Law

D2.6. Agenda Roundtable Greece

Roundtable Stuttgart 29 March 2019. The event was organized by Verein für Internationale Jugendarbeit e.V. Landesverein Württemberg.

D2.6. Agenda Roundtable Germany

Roundtable Rome 6 May 2019. The event was organized by Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights

D2.6. Agenda Roundtable Italy