Roundtable in Romania

On 22 March 2019 Association Pro Refugiu organized at Bucharest a roundtable event. At the national event attended 32 participants (3 judges from local courts, 1 prosecutor from Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, 1 police officer from National Agency against Trafficking in Persons, 1 representative from the National Agency for Employment, 14 lawyers, 5 social workers and 2 psychologists from general directorate for social assistance, 5 representatives of NGOs with expertise in victims’ assistance. The event had as objective to present the information incorporated in the publication Human trafficking and the economic /business sectors susceptible to be involved in the demand and the supply chain of products and services resulting from victims’ exploitation and also to discuss about synergies and cooperation procedures in order to strengthen the fight against human trafficking.

Participants discussed in an interactive manner on topics such as:

  • The need to have better information campaigns with impact at transnational level, reaching a variety of social groups that are vulnerable to human trafficking. Create campaigns with impact on population from poor communities. Usage of internet and social media channels to disseminate information regarding the online recruitment procedures used by traffickers, in order to warn the internet users about the danger.
  • Better legal strategies for a receptive system towards victims needs and rights.
  • Approach economic sectors in order to involve them in the fight against human trafficking alongside other competent stakeholders (raise awareness among economic / business sectors)
  • In order to prevent labor exploitation, a more in-depth involvement of the territorial structures of the national agency for employment in cooperation with local community stakeholders, in order to inform people that are vulnerable to this form of human trafficking (due to social and economic context).

Participants have positively appreciated the event as a good opportunity to interact with specialists from various fields in order to identify solutions and strategies with long-term effect in the process of preventing and combating trafficking in human beings.

D 2.6.Agenda Roundtable in Romania

D2.6. Roundtable in Romania Minute Report